Pet Import from NZ to Australia

Because New Zealand is Australia's nearest neighbour, pets coming from New Zealand have fewer import requirements. Departure Pets handles everything from the flight bookings, MPI, Customs Clearance and everything in between.

Cats and dogs coming to Australia from New Zealand do not require an import permit. There is no Australian post entry quarantine period.

The few requirements for Pet import into Australia from New Zealand are as follows:

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Owners Statutory Declaration

  • This needs to state the pets breed, sex, age and microchip number.
  • Needs to verify that pet has been a resident of New Zealand since birth or imported directly from Australia. If the animal has been imported from any other country, it should have resided in New Zealand for at least 180 days prior to the export date.
  • Needs to verify that the pet is not a result of crossbreeding with non-domestic animals or a breed that is prohibited.
  • If the pet is female, it must be verified that she is either not more than 40 days pregnant or breastfeeding during the time of export.

Health Certificate

  • This needs to certify that the animal has been identified by a microchip
  • Needs to verify that New Zealand is free from rabies
  • Needs to verify that the animal was examined within five (5) days before the date of export and found to be fit to travel
  • Needs to verify that the animal was treated for external and internal parasites within five (5) days before the date of export.
  • If transporting a dog, the health certificate needs to state that no confirmed cases of the below diseases have been reported in New Zealand within the 12 months preceding the export of the pets; Canine Brucellosis, Leptospirosis or Leishmaniosis.

Customs Clearance

  • Animals must be cleared at the first port of arrival in Australia.
  • The biosecurity officer will examine your pet to verify that all details match the documentation, and ensure it meets all entry requirements before clearing it for release into the country.
  • Our team can manage the Customs and landing Fees on your behalf upon request.
Departure Pets can handle all of the above on your behalf. Our team are dedicated to providing an honest, transparent and personalised pet relocation for all customers; with your pet's safety and well-being at the focus of our practice